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Art Dump Schedule

Posted by jinusenpai - January 31st, 2020

Hey so youve probably seen that i dont update this place as often

Ive decided instead of uploading everytime i draw to every platform im on im just gonna drop it on my Patreon and Twitter the day i finish it and then at the end of the month im gonna drop everything ive drawn during the month on here.

Sorry if you dont like that schedule at all i know its a bit different, it just hard for me to keep track on a bunch of different websites when i have patreon and life stuff to do as well, this makes things a little easier on me. Though i do ask that you dont go and repost everything from here to r34/e621 the stuff i draw already gets uploaded there usually after i finish it or the day after and they get pretty irritated with reposts.

Regardless thank you for the support and i hope you all continue to have an awesome New Year. :>



That's okay. Your art is worth the wait. Good luck with everything.

thanks so much bud!

Understandable. It takes a bit of time to upload to each of these galleries anyway. Sometimes I forget to do it for awhile

haha right? its a lot ya know, thanks for being understanding tho !

I'd go nuts if I had to upload on every different platform all the time, so you do what you want to. It'll give me a reason to look forward to the end of the month!

thank you so much for being understanding!

@Animeking7777 @jinusenpai your welcome ?

All good i see your art on twitter anyway lol

@Animeking7777 @jinusenpai XD didn't notice the question mark on my your welcome reply till your reaction to it. Still good luck with everything.

Will you come back here, Jinu? Please? I'm sorry for blaming you for foot fetish. I had no taste on this, and that's not my kink.

yare yare dawa

fair enough :}

Y'know, I've seen this thing called "postybirb" (or something like that) that could probably be helpful for posting things. From what I can tell it takes a post you make on your primary website (like Twitter in this case), and then it posts it on all your accounts on different platforms. Haven't done too much research though, but you should definitely look into it.


and then 2 years pass without any uploads

Hey jinu um can, I be friends with you if you are okay with it

If you are okay with it